The call for continuous innovation and the ambition to offer our customers a wide range of diverse products with certified quality lead to establishing the new BOSIO GROUP brand in 2005 that brings together the three family businesses BOSIFIL, SUBBIFIL and FILTRADING.

The companies’ significance and stability are clear just from looking at some data: over 35,000 square meter surface, cutting-edge processing equipment and quality control processes, skilled personnel and continuous training, warehouses for 7,000,000 kg of products and daily shipments for over 60,000 kg.

Today quality can not be merely synonym with small productions for niche markets, but it should rather encompass continuous improvement in terms of know-how, specialization, innovation and professionalism in making state-of-the-art products that can anticipate and meet the customer needs. Quality should be equal to partnering with customers, support them to better meet their requirements and enhance their growth potential through innovative productions that can open up new development possibilities. Quality means reliable and timely service implemented through strategies based on process analysis and aimed at the organization's continuous improvement. Quality is ensuring fast delivery and compliance with deadlines owing to the long partnership and cooperation with transport companies and couriers.

Synergy among the manufacturing organizations within the Group and the dynamic and flexible organization enable BOSIO GROUP to go beyond the product and achieve top quality across all the process steps.

BOSIO GROUP has developed a proven strategy based on continuous innovation in the fields that maintain and strengthen the key factors for success: integrated product and service quality, acquisition of know-how and competences. Innovation in the Group is supported by significant investments that account for 5% of turnover.